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Cotton Crop Monitoring Using Multispectral Optical Satellite Imagery

This paper details the validity of utilizing a color-based approach to monitor cotton crop readiness. By harnessing the TripleSat Constellation’s 0.8m resolution multispectral imagery...

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TripleSat Imagery And Its Uses For Land Cover Analysis

The TripleSat constellation, launched on 2015-07-10 by Twenty First Century Aerospace Technology Co. Ltd. (21AT), comprises three identical optical Earth observation satellites with a ground sampling distance (GSD)...

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Ship Dimension Estimation From Optical Satellite Imagery

Ship detection using optical satellite imagery is a challenging task. One of its most important post-processing operations is to estimate the dimensions of the detected ships...

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The TripleSat Constellation: A New Geospatial Data Service Model

Application of earth observation satellites plays a significant role in supporting national and international economies...Read More

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