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18 February 2019

GeoSmart India is an interactive platform that demonstrates the collective and shared vision of the Indian geospatial community and is the most prominent stakeholder event of the Indian geospatial ecosystem. The event plays an integral role in bringing together national mapping agencies, decision makers and policy developers from government sector, private sector enterprises, developmental organizations and academic institutions to discuss policies; their implementation and impact, technology advancements and adaptations and how to connect these with the user communities to the benefit of all.


The exhibition objectives are for networking and business development, connecting communities, knowledge exchange and deliberations on geospatial technology use.


21AT Asia took part in these 3 days exhibition, showcased the annual data set of India and services in our booth. The turnout was good, attracted more than 2000 people.


Thank you to those who dropped by our booth and see you in our next exhibition.

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