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Launched on 11 June 2021, the BJ3A is an AI-enabled agile remote sensing optical satellite of 21AT, it could pick its flight path on its own, monitoring up to 500 points of interest across the world with roughly 100 trips every day. It can provide high-resolution remote sensing data and information products for the global market.

BJ3A Specifications
Orbit SSO (Sun-synchronous Orbit)
Altitude 500km
LTAN 11:00 local time
Inclination: 97.0°
Altitude: 500 km
Launch Date June 11, 2021
Spectrum bands(in nm) Panchromatic – 450 to 700
Blue – 450 to 520
Green – 520 to 590
Red – 630 to 690
NIR – 770 to 890
Resolution GSD 0.5m panchromatic
2m multispectral at nadir
Precision Better than 1:10000 map scale
Dynamic range 12 bits
Swath width 23.5 km (at nadir)
Revisit 4 day (at 40°N)
Key Features
High capacity in various collection mode
2 million km2 collection capacity per day
Multi direction targeting
Stereo accuracy RMSE less than 7.5m without GCP
BJ3A 2021-07-05_ Port of Zea in Athens, Greece

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