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HD Product (Super-Sampling with AI)

High-definition (HD) product brightens the colors of the imagery and provides sharper details for easier interpretation. 21AT HD products with own Algorisms based on AI/ML technology enhances the visual clarity of the company’s high-resolution satellite imagery, Highest commercial satellite resolution combined with the AI technology intensify the information, which allows linear features to be easily identified. More details to be seen, and is a strong input for mapping and urban applications. These visual improvements expand customers’ capabilities with satellite imagery as fine details become distinguishable. The image below shows an example of 21AT’s HD products enhancement in image quality, where this improvement is easy to see.

0.3 m image 2x super-resolution to 0.15m comparison chart
0.5 m image 2x super-resolution to 0.25m comparison chart
0.8 m image 2x super-resolution to 0.4m comparison chart

21AT ‘s HD products:

-Triple Sat Constellation (High Resolution, 0.8m Native GSD, 0.4m HD / Super Resolution)
-Beijing-3 Satellite Constellation (BJ3A and BJ3N3)
• Beijing 3A /BJ3A (High Resolution, 0.5 m Native GSD, 0.25m HD / Super Resolution)
• Beijing 3N3 /BJ3N3 (Very High Resolution, 0.3m Native GSD, 0.15m HD / Super Resolution)

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